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About Us


Kudzu Center

Kudzu Center is a community that believes in and promotes the equality of and social justice for all people. Our mission is to help individuals be fully actualized in mind, body, and spirit and to experience unconditional love.

We believe in universal principles of higher consciousness, duality or polarity, karma, and reincarnation. Members are free to have any or no particular spiritual practice. Nothing is mandatory.

Teresa Wilson

Teresa is the Founder of Kudzu Center and a Spiritual Life Coach. She has been a student of metaphysics since the early 1980s. Teresa has been a member of The Rosicrucian Order since 1983. She is a member of the Traditional Martinist Order.


Teresa was fortunate to study parapsychology under Professors Raymond Moody, MD (author of “Life after Life” and founder of the field of near death experience research) and William Roll, PhD (colleague of J.B. Rhine at Duke University and the Danish “Ghostbuster”) at West Georgia University. 


She studied energy healing with physician and healer, Patrick San Francesco, Founder of The First Principle, based in Goa, India. She has taught mediation and metaphysics for more than 35 years, is a Reiki healer, and an ordained minister. Teresa is completing her DD and PhD in Metaphysics at the Institute for Metaphysical Humanistic Science.

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